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Coros GPS watch for Wing Foil, Windsurf & Kiteboarding

Thanks to my windsurfing friend and expert slalom / speedsailor, Michael George for this update. Mike introduced me to the COROS range of GPS watches. That’s why I have to recommend the COROS Apex Pro GPS watch for all watersports enthusiasts looking for the best and easiest to use sports watch. It does everything the Locosys GPS products did – only better. Whether you’re a windsurfer, kiteboarder or wing foiler – the Coros Apex is your perfect training partner. It’s a highly competent smart fitness watch for training on land or water.

Bluetooth Upload to the Coros App

There’s no messing around with SD cards or USB cables. The Coros Apex Pro and Vertix will send all your important speedsurfing data directly to the Coros App on your mobiles phones. Everything is displayed clearly and precisely with time versus speed graphs, route plots, heart rate, time in HR zones and much much more. NOTE – everything mentioned here about Windsurfers also applies to Kiteboarders, Wing Foilers etc – anyone partaking in wind powered Speedsailing 🤙

Coros Direct from Amazon

The widgets below should provide an idea of pricing for the COROS APEX PRO and the COROS VERTIX from Amazon. If it’s not working or you just want to be sure you’ve seen all models – click here for AMAZON prices > this takes you directly to the COROS store within Amazon

The best GPS watch for Speedsurfing

I have been a huge fan of the Garmin Fenix range for many years and I still am. The problem with the Garmin devices is the GPS data isn’t recognised / accepted for national records or professional competition by GP3S. For recreational sailing and local competion with friends it’s still a great choice. However, for serious competition and GPS track data accuracy accepted at all levels of competition – it has to the the COROS APEX PRO. In the past I have worn a Garmin Fenix when running, kayaking, cycling etc and the Locosys GT31 when windsurf speedsailing. With the COROS APEX PRO you have one watch that does everything.

Coros Apex Pro for recording windsurf and kiteboard Speeds

Summary of a Windsurf Foiling session

How simple is this to understand – perfect summary. This is just what us speedsailors are looking for. Number of runs, fastest 100m, 250m, 500m (the really important one) and the Average 5 x 10s (as used on

The screenshots are courtesy of Michael George K888 all grabbed from his mobile phone after a windsurfing sesssion.

Summary of Speedsailing effort including Avg 5 x 10s runs, fastest 100m, 200m and 500m

Recommended by

This watch didn’t just arrive and then get adopted by speedsailors – the speedsailing side of it was developed in conjunction with the team from GP3S. They worked with COROS to ensure it would provide GPS data in an easy to use interface with all the statistical data necessary for competitive speedsailing. The result – a perfect multisport GPS watch to rival any Garmin, Suunto or Polar.

COROS and have been working together to develop a tailor made workout mode that enable instant feedback on the water for all our major categories. The current release of this native speedsurfing mode is available for all COROS APEX PRO & VERTIX owners, and will bring a very high level of accuracy combined with a rock-solid hardware design, amazing battery life and a convenient easy-to-use user interface including fully auto-uploading to our platform. We will continue to collect data and improve the speed algorithms together with COROS. Based on the progress we have made so far, supported by hundreds of test miles on the water, we are convinced this combination is a future proof, trustable, accurate & verifiability solution that we want for our platform


More details at the GP3S website

To learn more about this collaborative product please visit Here you will find an extensive FAQ on the Coros APEX and VERTIX plus a step by step setup guide. Everything you need to get on the water and sailing in no time. To BUY the Coros GPS watches pop over to the GP3S shop or check prices with Amazon below